Trishna & Krishna: The Quest For Separate Lives


Trishna & Krishna
Title:  The Quest For Separate Lives

Director: Ben Shackleford
Prod Co: WTFN
Broadcast: Seven Network

This is the incredible true story of tiny conjoined twins Trishna and Krishna, abandoned just after birth at an orphanage in Bangladesh. They were joined at the back of the head and shared blood vessels between their brains.

The desperately ill girls were found by an aid worker, and rushed to Australia by the Children First Foundation. The twins were stabilised at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital before the decision was made to attempt the separation.

The separation was done progressively over two years at the Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital, culminating in a massive 32 hour surgical procedure. It attracted international attention as the world’s media followed this gripping story, waiting for news that the twins had survived.

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