Centre Place


Centre Place
Title: International Trailer
Starring: Sullivan Stapleton, Julia Markovski, Alison Whyte & John Waters.
Director: Ben Shackleford
Prod Co: M.I.A. Films
Synopsis: Centre Place is a sophisticated romantic drama featuring Melbourne’s style, fashion and culture. Set in the very European boutiques, cafes and bars of Melbourne’s inner lane-ways the film focuses on the highs and lows of aspiring artist Lizzie Baxter.

Lizzie is a lost soul living in denial. At 28, she would prefer to stay in a shallow relationship than take charge of her own life. Desperate for love to be the answer to her problems, Lizzie ignores the truth about her relationship and herself. However, when Simon, her “perfectly rich and perfectly perfect” boyfriend, dumps her on the eve of their departure to Paris, Lizzie’s life goes into a tail spin.

Her illusions begin to unravel when her estranged father and an old flame re enter her life, forcing her to confront her fears. In the end, Lizzie realises that she needs to find herself before she is able to find love.

This may mean leaving Centre Place forever…

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