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FUIC Billy Brownless Miss From Goal Square

Client: FUIC
Product: Billy Brownless
Title: Miss From Goal Square

Director: Dean Codrington

We recreate the moment, during the 1989 Grand Final, Billy Brownless missed an important goal, as the ball lay unmarked in the goal square. Questions still remain to this day. Did the ball really miss the goal? Was the umpire in the right position? Would it have changed the outcome of the match? You decide!


FUIC Billy Brownless Kick Over The Silo

Client: FUIC
Product: Billy Brownless
Title: Kick Over The Silo

Director: Dean Codrington

Billy Brownless tells the story of his famous ‘Kick Over The Silo’ as he was passing through Mirrool on the way to a mates wedding. He ended up missing the ceremony, but had a great story to tell at the reception!


Dump Me

Sometimes the monsters aren’t under the bed… they’re in it!!

Dump Me is a short film based on a play of the same name.

Director: Ben Shackleford.
Producer: Emma Choy.
Writer: Samantha Clutsom.

Jason Cavanagh & Josephine Clarke.


Dean Codrington

Dean Codrington has a thriving passion for film and TV, which saw him travel halfway around the world to attend the prestigious New York Film Academy in 2000.


Ben Shackleford

Ben Shackleford began his film and television career in his late teens by creating the cable television program ‘The Director’s Chair’.


Shannons Supercar Showdown

Episode Director: Ben Shackleford
In Episode Commercial Director: Dean Codrington

Prod Co: WTFN


Brendan Lee

Brendan has been involved with production management and producing since finishing his Media Arts degree in 2001. Working initially in television program making, he moved to advertising and corporate video production where he has been producing for 3 years.

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